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I thought I would spend a few moments, by way of this letter to express our appreciation for Microcolor’s efforts both in product quality and service.

As you are well aware, DuROCK used a competitive line of Universal colourants for several years. Due to some unfortunate occurrences, DuROCK looked to Microcolor for help in fulfilling DuROCK’s needs and change in direction towards a distributor friendly tint system.  Not only were you and your staff attentive to our requests right from the start but even when we had a minor start up issue Microcolor looked after us promptly and without compromise. 

After just over 2 years I am happy to say that the quality and consistency are second to none and your continued service a reassuring force. Colour concerns have all but disappeared and the result is a new, bold, clean look to DuROCK finishes. We are now moving further into both an internal and external tint system with one automated and one manual dispenser here in our plant and at last count, 12 tinting distributors across North America and several others around the globe.

Our success is a reflection on our suppliers and I can honestly say our customers see Microcolor first.

Jeff Lockhart, P. Eng.
Operations Manager
DuROCK Alfacing International Ltd.

In February, 2005, a Collins & Aikman manufacturing facility was experiencing customer rejections due to receiving off-color molding compound from their supplier.

The root cause of the off-color molding compound was traced to the inability of the colorant supplier to provide consistent color masterbatch to the manufacturer of the molding compound. Farmington was asked to take over responsibility for manufacturing the molding compound and, at the same time, replace the colorant supplier. We needed to have on-color, production quantities within a week!

Microcolor has been a valued colorant supplier to Farmington for well over 25 years. During those years, we have had an excellent working relationship, and often get projects started with just a phone call. When we informed Microcolor of our need to rapidly develop colorant for the molding compound that our sister facility was experiencing difficulty with, they went to work immediately, and samples of five colors were delivered to us within a few days and we began manufacture of the molding compound. As color harmony was shifted by the ultimate customer, every tweak that was requested by them was turned around by Microcolor in as little as one to two days.

Thanks to Microcolor, our sister facility has not had another rejection for off-color material. We have processed over 65,000 pounds of Microcolor material and have not rejected a single batch of colorant.

Thank you, Microcolor, for helping us both be successful!

R. H. Cembalisty
Collins & Aikman