Company Overview

Microcolor was established in 1968 as a manufacturer of dispersions for inks. Over the following 41 years, we established an unrivalled reputation for outstanding service, value and quality with our ever-expanding line of products. Now, we produce dispersions for a wide range of applications and industries— aqueous and solvent-borne coatings, foams, plastics, and various other thermosetting applications. We are constantly striving to implement innovative ideas. Better dispersion, higher strength, higher pigment loading, and improved rheologies are among our most fervent obsessions.

Our goal: to ensure customer satisfaction by providing cutting edge products at the best possible price in the most efficient and agreeable manner.

Microcolor's products have a variety of industry applications: automotive parts, appliances, coverings, house paints and stains, seals, adhesives, fiberglass, insect screening, furniture parts, electrical conduits, coil coatings, and many others. Our staff provides an incomparable level of technical expertise at the highest possible level of service.

We are here to serve our customers needs. We offer flexible batch sizes, toll manufacturing, private labeling, custom packaging, and we are always open to new dispersion possibilities.


Quality : products that function seamlessly in your formulation.
Service : ensure delivery when required.
Value : our competitive edge.